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Scroll Down We have this Monthly List that goes out to Our Customers, at times it is listed on Digit Smith, along with much of our equipment for sale. Let us know what you are looking for, or if you have any questions on the equipment listed. For pictures you can see them on this sight. If you do not see what you are looking for give us a call at 413-536-2480 or e-mail us at thorntonec@charter.net and we will send you information and photos.

We now have a Facebook Site if you would like us to list your equipment on our Web Site at http://www.thorntonequipment.com/ or on our Facebook Site at https://www.facebook.com/Thornton-Equipment-Co-229186997936719/?modal=admin_todo_tour#, or on our Monthly Equipment list write us at
thorntonec@charter.net and we will list your equipment.


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We Sell New and Used Screen Printing and Embroidery Equipment

We Specialize and Sell New and Used Screen Printing, DTG and Embroidery Equipment
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Thornton Equipment Co.
List of Equipment for Sale
February/March 2019
Wesite: thorntonequipment.com

Avance’ 6 Head, 15 Needle-1506C, Located in CT Link: http://www.thorntonequipment.com/index.php/product/avance-6-head-15-needle-1506c/

SWF 4 Head, 15 Needle-KU1504-45, Located in TX Link: http://www.thorntonequipment.com/index.php/product/swf-4-head-15-needle-k-uk-1504-45/

SWF 6 Head, 15 Needle-D-UK1506-45, Located in CA Link: http://www.thorntonequipment.com/index.php/product/swf-1506-45-6-head-15-needle-d-uk-1506-45/

Barudan 6 Head, 15 Needle BEDYHE-ZQ-C06- Located in FL Link: http://www.thorntonequipment.com/index.php/product/barudan-6-head-15-needle-bedyhe-zq-co6/

Screen Printing
CAPS 6 Color, 6 Station Printer with CAPS Flash Unit and CAPS Dryer- Located in TX Link: http://www.thorntonequipment.com/index.php/product/caps-6color-printer-flash-and-caps-dryer/

2 Hix Dryers- 1) 24″ Belt-1993 1) 48″ Belt, Located in TX Link: http://www.thorntonequipment.com/index.php/product/hix-24-dryer-hix-48-dryer/

MHM SPE 12-10 E Type- 2008, Located in TX Link: http://www.thorntonequipment.com/index.php/product/mhm-10-color-12-station-press/

Workhorse Freedom Express 6 Color, 8 Station- 2017, Located in TX Link:http://www.thorntonequipment.com/index.php/product/workhorse-freedom-express-6-color-8-station-2/

M&R Chamleon 6 Color-1998, 1 Black Flash Unit, Pallets, Located in TX Link: http://www.thorntonequipment.com/index.php/product/mr-chamleons-6-color-2-available/

M&R GT8-10R, 8 Color, 10 Station- 1993, 1 Flash M&R Unit, Pallets, Located in TX Link: http://www.thorntonequipment.com/index.php/product/m-r-gaunlet-8-color-10-station-press/

DTS Spyder 2 Direct to Screen- Located in TX Link: http://www.thorntonequipment.com/index.php/product/dts-spyder-2-direct-to-screen/

GBC Talcon 44 Hot/Cold Laminator Link: http://www.thorntonequipment.com/index.php/product/gbc-talcon-44-hot-cold-laminator/