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Scroll Down We have this Monthly List that goes out to Our Customers, at times it is listed on Digit Smith, along with much of our equipment for sale. Let us know what you are looking for, or if you have any questions on the equipment listed. For pictures you can see them on this sight. If you do not see what you are looking for give us a call at 413-536-2480 or e-mail us at thorntonec@charter.net and we will send you information and photos.

We now have a Facebook Site if you would like us to list your equipment on our Web Site at http://www.thorntonequipment.com/ or on our Facebook Site at https://www.facebook.com/Thornton-Equipment-Co-229186997936719/?modal=admin_todo_tour#, or on our Monthly Equipment list write us at
thorntonec@charter.net and we will list your equipment.


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We Sell New and Used Screen Printing and Embroidery Equipment

We Specialize in NEW and Used Screen Printing, Heat Presses, DTGs, Flatbed Presses, and Embroidery Equipment .
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Thornton Equipment Co.
David Thornton
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Vastex V-1000 4 Color, 1 Station Press with HD Head, Digit Numbering System, Red Hot Flash Unit, Located in MI…..$2750. http://www.thorntonequipment.com/ind…-unit-package/

Harco (Brown Mfg.) Master Printer, 6 Color, 4 Station Manual Press, MP644 With Newman Pin-Lock Registration System
Harco (Brown Mfg.) Halogen Single Source Exposure Unit, Harco (Brown Mfg.) Stainless Steel Backlite Washout (Developing) Sink, 25 Newman Roller Frames, Located in MI….$7200. http://www.thorntonequipment.com/ind…-more-package/

Hix 6 Color, 6 Station, All Heads Down Manual Press- Aluminum Platens/Shirts Boards, with Side Clamps. Located in CA…. $2900. http://www.thorntonequipment.com/ind…-manual-press/

Hopkins 6 Color, 8 Station Screen Manual Press- 1992, Well-built manual press, Used daily for tee shirt printing. Condition is EXCELLENT and CLEAN. Comes with 8 platens (adult size). Very Clean, Lubricated and Dependable. This works well in a Shop that has many projects being set up, proofed and waiting for client approvals. The multi-stations allow for 1 to 3 projects to be set up at the same time without breaking any of them down. A time saving press and a real work horse. Located in NH http://www.thorntonequipment.com/ind…-manual-press/
Workhorse Javelin Pro w/ One Flashback 6 Color, 8 Station -2010, Air Driven, Print Area 16 x 18, One Set of Adult Pallets, One Set of Youth Pallets, One One Set of Sleeve Pallets, Full Set of Squeegees and Flood Bars, Currently in Production, Located in NJ…. $15,000. http://www.thorntonequipment.com/ind…lashback-unit/

Workhorse Javelin Pro 6 Color, 8 Station- 2010, Has Chopper Assembly on Heads, Still have the 6 “V shaped Floodbar/Squeege Assemblies
1 Set of Adult 16×20 Pallets, 6 Sets of Floodbars and Squeegees, No Flash(es), 1,855,000 Prints, Average 825 Prints Per Day, Located in NC….$13,000.

TAS 201R Series Automatic Press- 1994, 6 Color, 8 Station. Very Dependable. Excellent Condition. Capable of printing 200 to 1,000 pieces per hour.
6 Flood bars and 6 Squeegees. 8 Adult Size Metal Platens PLUS 6 Youth Platens. Located in NH

2) TAS’s Just IN, 1)2004 1)2005 Ask us about them. Not listed on website yet.

Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor- SSR-EP5- 1994, Screw type air compressor encased in an insulated metal cabinet that lessens the operating
sound. Sound emitted is VERY LOW for an air compressor. Capacity is 16CFM, very low hours of use – 9,800 hours,
maintained regularly. 5 HP, Volts: 230/460, 3 Phase. Excellent Condition, Like New. Size: 37″h x 21″w x 32″dIt Located in NH

Flatbed Presses
M& R Renegade 38″ x 50”- 2002, Very Good Condition and Under Power, Sentry Take Off (2002), Very Good Condition and Under Power, 72” Vitran UV Dryer (single bulb)- 1997-(rebuilt), Can be sold as a package of all three, Located in NY http://www.thorntonequipment.com/ind…m-uv-dryer-ii/

Medallion Press- 1981, It prints up to a 48” x 62” frame. Powered up so it can be seen in operation. Located in NH ….$1500. http://www.thorntonequipment.com/ind…print-press-2/

Hix 24″ x 10′ Infra Air Belt Dryer- Like New Condition! Conveyor Dryer used to cure screen printed garments. A Real Work Horse – Very Reliable, Used every day, Excellent Condition, Very Clean Great Dryer! Located in NH http://www.thorntonequipment.com/ind…onveyor-dryer/

Hix 24″ x 11′ Infra Air Belt Dryer- to cure screen printed garments. Work horse – Very Reliable, Still used EVERY SINGLE DAY! Very Good Condition, Some wear on belt but works perfectly well! Very reliable piece of equipment! Ready for the Spring Printing Season! Located in NH http://www.thorntonequipment.com/ind…onveyor-dryer/

Hix Conveyor 36″ Dryer- Model 3610, 2008, On Wheels, Can be loaded on a truck or trailer, Located in TX….$3500. http://www.thorntonequipment.com/ind…or-3610-dryer/

Adelco Jet Force Gas Conveyor Dryer- Model JF150S-SB-5, 3 Phase, 222V, Video Available, Located in FL….$10,000. http://www.thorntonequipment.com/ind…onveyor-dryer/

Direct to Garments
Lawson Zoom AE 1620 Pre-Treat System with a Stand- 2018, Only used it 6 times, it is in New Condition.Pretreat garments quickly, smoothly and consistently at the touch of a button – with zero “out-spray.” The Lawson Zoom XL features many cost-savings benefits and provides consistent spray applications. All-air pretreat sprayer, features an automatic sliding drawer and works with every direct-to-garment printer’s pretreated solution. Link for Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_c…&v=ZPbakwijC4o

Epson SureColor F2000 DG Printer – Direct to Garment printer for ***White or Light Colors***
Includes Standard size 14” x 16” Large 16″x 20″Platen and Ink, (6) 207 ml ink cartridges. Includes Lawson Pre-Treat Zoom XL, 3 yrs. Excellent Condition. Located in CA…$10,000. http://www.thorntonequipment.com/ind…xl-pretreater/

PolyPrint DTG (Model-Tex Jet Echo)- 2018, Well Maintained, Prints on Cotton, Polyester, Leather, Linen and more. Located in CN…$9700. http://www.thorntonequipment.com/ind…-jet-echo-dtg/
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Located in Iowa http://www.thorntonequipment.com/ind…ment-and-more/
Vastex V-2000 HD-6 Color, 4 Station-2012, Holds Accurate Multi Color Registration, Pallets: 4) 15 x 17 4) Single Sleeve 4 x 19 4) Leg Pallets 5 x 24, 4) 6x 6 with quick clamps NEW PRICE $7600. Priced at $4500.
Vastex DIGIT Number System- 2012, Number Font: 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”. 12”, Screens without line screens All Squeegees and HD Gas, Springs to Print Number….$2200.
Vastex Big Red 4-V30 Dryer- 4 Heater, Dual Zone Heat, Single Phase….$5500.
Hix Manual 4 Color 4 Station–Standard Pallets…$1600.
M&R Red Chill Quartz Spot Dryer-20 x 24, 36 Amps, 208/230 V, 3 Phase….$3600.
Brown Quartz Flash- 2012, 20x 24, 35 Amps, 240 V, Single Phase…$2300.
NuArc Metal Halide Exposure Unit- 401-K….$800