Brown Electra Print Jr. 6 Color, 7 Station

$13,900.00 $11,900.00

Brown Manufacturing Electra Print Jr, 6 Color, 7 Station – 2008

This is a great machine by Brown Manufacturing.
This chip allows you to pretty much print however you want. Also has Extra  Floodbars and Squeegees.
Print Area is 14 x15.  Comes with Standard Pallets and Youth Pallets.

iMade Chip Installed

8 Flood Bars, and 8 Squeegees 

1 set of 16×20 Pallets

1 set of 10×20 Pallets(youth)

Brown Quarts Flash

Brown Set’n’go 3 Point Registration System

Located in  AL
It is currently disassembled and stored.