DTS Spyder 2 Direct to Screen

DTS Spyder 2 Direct to Scrreen- 2018,  like new, extra clean,  a NEW printhead just installed

Comes with three frame drums: 20×24, 20×28 and 23×31.

The Spyder system uses a high-density thermal wax ink technology to produce high-quality images quickly and accurately onto any coated screen. As our landmark DTS printing option, the Spyder II can handle large frames up to 46″ x 55″. The system prints at 600 dpi, allowing halftone frequencies of up to 75 lpi. This system is a high-resolution device that can image screens at over two square feet per minute.
The Spyder II has a new, streamlined interface with easy to use touchscreen controls. It has nearly twice the throughput of the original Spyder, while simultaneously offering improved print quality with enhanced dot placement. The new Spyder II provides a simplified structure, improved performance, control, and long-term reliability.

Power Requirements: 120v/220v 50-60 HZ 15 amp
Compressed Air: Minimum 40 PSI Required

Located in FL

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