Epson Styles Pro GS 6000 Printer


Epson Styles Pro GS6000 Printer-2009, Excellent Working Condition and comes with plenty of extras. It was used to print on adhesive vinyl, canvas, banner materials, fabrics, static clings, temporary adhesives, clear and translucent films.  It has been recently refurbished by an Epson professional to be “like new”.  It has 2 new print heads, new black ink lines, all 8 of the inks read positive, recently changed head washing trays and ink head pad, all of the parts have been oiled and cleaned on a weekly basis.

You will also get some general maintenance items, manuals, USB dongle and a licensed version of the Epson ColorBurst rip software. This printer also includes the optional, motorized take up reel. The printer also includes the stand with casters and leveling feet.  Owner will give you Pantone color profiles that were printed on a variety of materials. This will make it easy to match colors for your customer. There are also some notes that we took to help everything go smoothly. There is also a computer (no monitor) that is included which has the software already loaded up, drivers installed, and is ready to plug in and print.

Video Available

Located in OH