M&R Challenger III 12 Color, 14 Station

M&R Challenger III- 12 Color, 14 Station –  2010, Crated and Ready to Go!
M&R updated the press firmware to the latest that could work with the hardware. Index buttons on heads do double click to lock into place for instance.          This reset the counter on the machine.  Front frame holders were sent into M&R in 2’s to update to sturdier design.
2 were completely new with this update process.
All forks and bearings replaced by M&R tech less than a week after initial install.
We have replaced at least 8 of the valves at back of heads.
24v power supply replaced in 2017.
Several squeegee choppers replaced.
Close to half of the screen drop down cylinders replaced.
Squeegee/floodbar clamps replaced – about 10.
One print head motor replaced.
Several frame holder air cylinders replaced.
Prox sensors, yellow cables, other misc parts also replaced.
Overall close to 20K put into press over last 3-4 years.
Comes with 16×22 platens.

Located in MI