New One Color RapidTag Machine


 New One Color RapidTag Machine PLC control, human-computer interface, clear function display and easy operation. Flat screen printing and dried by infrared ray. Suitable for general ink and small area screen frame printing such as T-shirt collar. Five stations driven by step motor to insure stable and smooth running. Angle and height of squeegee and flood blade can be adjusted to insure consistent printing pressure. Adopts five stations rotary worktable, one for substrate display and one for printing two for drying and one for substrate take-away and five stations working simultaneously with high speed. With one cycle and auto function and switch easy.

1 Color Rapid Tag 5 Station, 2 Flashes (Comes with one screen, one squeegee, one flood bar), $225–for Crating.  Price $6000.
Freight is extra, additional screens is extra. 

2 Color Rapid Tag 8 Station, 3 Flashes (Comes with 2 screens, two squeegees and two flood bars)  $250. for Crating.  Price $8750.                                                      Freight is extra, additional screens is extra.

They all are 110 V.

They are in stock and can be sent out right away.

These are imported from one of the largest machine manufacturers in China.

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