NEW S-450S Pneumatic Cylindrical/conical Screen Printer


The S-450S has microprocessor controls, auto balanced squeegee and flood.

Max. workpiece diameter: ≤φ126mm /
Taper range: positive≤15° negative≤7°
Max. screen frame size: 580×380mm /
Min. screen frame size: 230×140mm /
Max. diameter: whole circle:ф120mm arc / circle:380mm /
Max. Printing speed: 1200pcs/hr
Wattage: 110/220V 60/50Hz 50w
Air consumption: 70Litre/min(6bar)
Dimensions: 1038×945×1427mm
Weight: 195kg. / 430lbs. – plus crate weight for shipping.

Product Description
Microprocessor control each function with high automation and easy operation;
5-digit auto counter built in; Cylindrical/conical printing function available.
Auto ink squeegeeing and flooding, worktable elevating to assure easy operation and consistent print quality;
Printing stroke and speed are adjustable to meet different requirements;
Fine adjustment available on squeegee left/right position to make substrate alignment easy and exact;
Fine adjusted available on worktable up/down and plane angle, and frame front/rear, left/right and up/down with high printing precision.