New Two Color TPC-100S2 Pad Printer

The TPC-100S2 has a 4” horizontal reach and has a welded steel frame.

The TPC-100S2 is an economically priced, two color, closed ink cup, automatic pad printer with a height adjustable substrate table.

Ink cup size: 90mm
Max. printing diameter: 80mm (3.1”)
Max. steel plate: 100 x 220mm
Max. printing speed: 1800 pcs/hr
Max. printing pressure: 740N (6bar)
Power supply: 110/220V 60/50Hz 50W
Air consumption: 91 liter/min (3.3 cfm @ 80-90psi)
Dimensions: 690×400×1295mm
Weight: 80 kg (177 lbs.)

Product Description
Microprocessor controls each function for easy operation.
4-Digit auto counter built in.
High quality steel plate is used to make structure solid and durable.
Inking by ink cup, ink viscosity is stable and no need to add any solvents in 6 to 8 hours, no evaporation,
no splash, instead a 50{af4d927423da412020a5cc7138c7b1f3fc24f4a70ef15955cd0c4d5059ed490f} savings on ink and a better working environment.
Safety hood is equipped to meet safety demands.
Dwell time is adjustable to meet different production requirements.
Easy install/uninstall of ink cup with good durability.
Unique edge structure ensures clean ink scraping and produces clear and sharp printing image.
Extra function “twice inking, once printing” is designed for thicker ink film.